PRESS RELEASE: Start a Mobile Tax Preparation Business

ComproTax offers The Best Home-Based Business Opportunity Yet

comprotax-stacked-bigAtlanta, GA, October 28, 2015: ComproTax Affiliates enjoy the privilege of working in the prestigious financial services industry with the support of a reputable company with a proven record of success. In addition, they enjoy working from home and commuting by appointment only. They have become independent business owners with all of the benefits that come with being an entrepreneur or small business person including, job security, stability, flexibility and unlimited earning potential.

If you have been waiting for the perfect home based business opportunity, a ComproTax mobile tax preparation business may very well fit the bill.


    • Prepare tax returns at home or on location (clients home, workplace, coffee shop, etc.).


    • Eliminate the overhead expense of sustaining a brick and mortar business.
    • Prepare taxes with a laptop, internet air card and mobile printer.
    • Work seasonal or year-round.
    • Serve your community by becoming a tax professional that people can trust.
    • Receive 18 weeks of intensive income tax and business development training.
    • Receive year-round support from a national network of seasoned tax preparers.
    • Gain access to the nation’s leading tax software with support.


  • Participate in Entrepreneurial Training and Millionaire Mentorship.
  • Print tax returns and RAL checks on site
  • Receive real-time support
  • Earn additional Income of $30 to $35 for pickup and delivery services
  • Enhance growth through innovative webinars and live remote training.
  • Have unlimited access to your personal and business network using mobile technology.

About ComproTax, Inc.

ComproTax was founded in Beaumont, Texas in 1982 by Jackie Mayfield. The business was based on two simple goals; 1) to provide quality income tax and bookkeeping services to the public, and 2) to develop entrepreneurs to the highest level. While we are proud to have produced over 225 offices in 24 cities across the US, we’re most proud of the entrepreneurs. As the economy changes, our affiliates adapt and continue to thrive. We’ve developed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs with the CTI Apprenticeship Entrepreneur System (CAES). Many earn a year’s salary during the short tax season. Some become part time entrepreneurs making modest amounts like $5,000 to supplement their salaries; others go all in and make over $500,000 per year.

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